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LD Debate Files

LD Powerpoint
LD Powerpoint 2
Adopt a Philosopher
LD Notes Powerpoint
LD Flow Sheet
LD Vocab & Abbr.
Philosopher Research Paper
Values List
Lincoln Douglas Debate Principles
Important Terms in LD Debate

Policy (CX) Debate Files

Basic CX Debate Powerpoint
CX Debate Outline
Counterplans Powerpoint
Debate Vocabulary

Misc. Debate Files

Short Debate Format
Ballot Reflection
Speech & Debate Vocabulary
Flowing Skills Powerpoint


PF Debate Files

Public Forum Overview
Public Forum Times
Public Forum Notes
Public Forum Powerpoint

Congressional Debate Files
(Formerly known as Student Congress)

Robert's Rules of Order
Congress Worksheet
The Bill Finder
Pro-Con Prep Sheet
Informative Outline
Example Summary Page
Parliamentary Procedure Powerpoint
Parliamentary Procedure Quiz
Parliamentary Procedure Assignment
Student Congress Bill Summary
Congress Worksheet


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