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**Most files are .doc (Word) or .pdf unless otherwise noted**

Nonverbal Communication

Notes & Quizzes

Nonverbal Notes
Nonverbal Notes Key
Nonverbal Quiz
Nonverbal Quiz Key

Appearance Powerpoint
Nonverbal Picture Analysis Powerpoint
Objectics Notes Powerpoint
Chronemics& Haptics Notes ppt
Nonverbal Notes Powerpoint
Nonverbal Communication
NV Quiz 2


Lessons & Activities

How to Detect Lies
Lie Detecting Cards
Lie Detecting 2

Classroom Assumptions
Nonverbal Dictionary
A Conversation is
Communication Space Activity
Body Language Body Talk
Nonprofit Presentation Sub Paper
Nonverbal Communication Obsesrvation Paper
Nonverbal Experiment Paper
Chronemics Pie
Nonverbal Elevator Warm-up
Nonverbal Cartoons
Nonverbal Communication Functions
TV Show Extra Credit
Signals You Send and Receive
Song Pantomime
Hangman Charades
Other Nonverbal Game Ideas
Pantomime Jeopardy

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