Site has been recently updated (as of 10/11/09)   I've included my own files, the files from the cd provided to new teachers at the 2008 TSCA convention, as well as a few that have been emailed to me.  My own files that I created (or adapted or use) are in italics.  If you have a question about those files, please just send me an .   I cannot answer any questions about the other files as they have been provided by a variety of sources, but feel free to post questions in the forum.  Most of my fill in the blank notes coordinate with the Glencoe Comm. App. textbook. 
If you have something you would like to submit to this site, just let me know!   
**Most files are .doc (Word) or .pdf unless otherwise noted**


Notes & Quizzes

Interviewing Notes Blank
Interviewing Notes
Child Labor Code
Interviewing Worksheet

Interviewing Test
Interviewing Test Key

Interviewing Notes
Interviewing Powerpoint

Writing A Resume
Writing A Resume Powerpoint


Lessons & Activities

Career Research
Career Research Library Info.
Career Research Grade Sheet
Career Research Paper
Career Research Paper Notes

Job Applications
Job Application
Job Descriptions
Job Application Grade Sheet

References Example

Interviewing Process
Interview Grade Sheet
Interviewer's Evaluation of Student Candidate
Interviewer Evaluation

Resume Worksheet
Resume Checklist
Skills Resume

Skills and Work Resume
Research Interviewing Worksheet
Skills Resume
Skills and Work Resume
Sample Resumes

Interview Questions
Interview Questions
Hard Interview Questions
Illegal or Inappropriate Questions
Questions they Shouldn't Ask
Questions you may face
Traditional Job Interview Questions
Traditonal Interview Questions
Tell Me About Yourself
Top Interview Responses
Job Interview Journals
Question Assignment
Sample Interview Questions

Misc Interviewing
Transferable Skills
Interview-Informative Project
Interviewing Assignment
Dressing for the Interview
Interviewing Packet
Back to Nonverbal Communication
Nonverbal Comm. in Interviews
Introduction Assignment
Interview Company Profile
Interview Qualifications Chart
Interview Reflection Powerpoint
Interview Follow-Up
10 Interviewing Rules
Living Time Machine Interview
Extra Credit Interview
25 Descriptive Words
Descriptive Words
More Descriptive Words

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