Site has been recently updated (as of 10/11/09)   I've included my own files, the files from the cd provided to new teachers at the 2008 TSCA convention, as well as a few that have been emailed to me.  My own files that I created (or adapted or use) are in italics.  If you have a question about those files, please just send me an .   I cannot answer any questions about the other files as they have been provided by a variety of sources, but feel free to post questions in the forum.  Most of my fill in the blank notes coordinate with the Glencoe Comm. App. textbook. 
If you have something you would like to submit to this site, just let me know!   
**Most files are .doc (Word) or .pdf unless otherwise noted**

Group Communication

Notes & Quizzes

Group Comm. Notes Powerpoint
Group Communication Notes
Group Communication
Leadership & Learning Styles ppt
Leadership & Learning Styles
Styles of Group Leadership Note Taking Guide


Lessons & Activities

Country Project
Country Worksheet
Group Project Product

Group Nonprofit Organization Rubric
Group Nonprofit Project Eval.  ppt
Group Nonprofit Project
Nonprofit Org. Used in the Past

Cinderella Around the World
Great American Egg Drop Contest
Great Art Lives
Great Myths
Group Panel Discussion
Panel Discussion Grade Sheet
Holiday Group Project
Group Project Grade Sheet
Group Evaluations
Group Assignment Project
Analyzing Leadership Skills
Bob Lee Group Problem
Conflict Resolution Persuasive Activity
Evaluating Group Discussion
Flag Tower Group Activity
Functioning as a Leader
Group Cultural Enrichment Project
Group Discussion& Conflict Resolution
Group Friendly Lion Case
Group Journal
Group Member Evaluation Form
Group Murder Case
Group New Car Decision
Group Problem Solving Example
Group Problem Solving Notes
Group Roles We Revised
Toothpicks and Marshmallows Activity
Group Evaluation
Mary Jones Group Problem
Dear Abby Conflict Analysis Activity
Critical Thinking Activity
Twelve Angry Men

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